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tv   Close Up  CSPAN  August 14, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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 fireworks night at camd the orioles hope the fireworks stay in the air and not on the backs of the angels who come in with the second most runs in the american league. chris tillman wants fireworks of his own. looking for his first major league win in his 4th major league start. 
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 . it's the orioles on mas and a beautiful friday evening as the appearing else come to town for the first of a four game set against the orioles. this four game set won't be easy. i'm gary thorn. the angels pounding the ball all over the place. they have huge bats in their line up. that will be a hard take for the orioles pitching staff. for the orioles they hope this august can get turned around. the dog days of august have set in. if you look at the numbers for the orioles compared to the season month of august average down most importantly the runs down, the home runs down, ranine scoring position is down, and to make it worst era has gone up. markakis, roberts, they have
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kicked off the first half of the month of august with pretty good numbers. jim these are the days when you may be dragging and banged up and you have to get it done. >> unless are you in contention and the angels are and that's why they have been playing so well. we forget the outs by different players. the orioles have to score. they have scored three, seven out of the last eight. 14 out of 26. if they go back to early april and maybe the early parts of may they have a chance to win. to me it's all about the starting pitching. tillman has a great challenge tonight and he has the kind of stuff. if anybody will do it he is the young pitcher that told one of those once in a lifetime chances, you have a chance to pitch against the second best offensive team that's been on a roll. they will test you home run wise. only tampa with more steals. it's a great test for him and it's pretty much what the last
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two seasons are act. >> it's not just stealing bases, it's the first, third, fast ball, wild, a chance to gain a base. have you to be your best defensively against this club. >> you do. i was kidding mickey, when you won the world series you didn't have that good on on base, number two in runs, on base, they will make you work to throw strikes. >> it's fireworks night and the orioles hope to create some of their one as they take the field when we come back the starting line up and the starting pitchers for game one. miller lite. (announcer on call) off the glass, centered in front... oh what a great move, another great move... he skates in on goal... he scores! unbelievable! it's all over! oh my... (announcer) that's what greatness tastes like. triple hops brewed. great pilsner taste. miller lite. taste greatness.
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 . orioles baseball bright  you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at beautifulfully clear skies here tonight. 84-degrees. very little breeze blowing out a bit to left field. a great night to be out and a
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lot of folks with the fireworks after and we hope for fireworks during as well. take a look at the starting line up for the angels. figgins, abreyu, morales, aybar, naopli, morales having a great season. look at our scowght report on the right hander. born in anaheim. he will play the los angeles angels there in orange county and whatever. looking for number one, still looking for that -- number one win. big league ball. doesn't get better than this. the angels on a roll. number two offensive team. for him you have to stay in yourself. you have to factor in all those things he talked about. he has a fast ball, has a curve ball. used all those pitches. just do what-have-you done in the mino rrk leagues. the best hitters you have faced. if you make your pitches you have a good chance to win.
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expivment will want to take care of this guy coming to the plate this is shaun figgins. for him this season great overall. he creates and starts their offense. he has had a great year against the orioles. almost impossible to get out. 314, two home runs, 52 games and he is seven for 24 against the orer this season. shaun figgins will stand in and get up on your toe fz you are at first and third because he will lay down the bunt if given the chance. we are underway. >> everybody in was of his speed and of course talk about the 303 average. when he hits left handed it's 339. number one. >> figgins with a three game hit streak. 1-0 delivery. not opposed to drawing a walk. he will take 66 of them on the
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year. 77 describing outs for figgins. 2 and that -- tillman's first outing against the angels. though the hitters and tillman get a look at one another for the first time. 3-0. see if he takes here. he does. it's a strike. >> and the angels on base, that was 91-mile an hour fast ball and of course normally he can throw a bit harder. his speed in his last start a little bit of tightness in the groin area, speed low early on. >> there is a man you don't want to walk as figgins is on. the job tonight against the line up not easy. dave the manager talked about it earlier. >> got a hard opponent in the angels. no easy outs in that line up. him coming off the outing thea
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came off of in toronto i'm sure he will be geared to do a lot better. >> figgins at first, 4th in stolen bases and there he goes. throws bunt. perfect. he got him. spending time making himself a better defensive throwing catcher. making it pay off. >> big jump and a good pitch. you can see the lead, head down, straight steal and he does whey has had a bit of little trouble doing make the accurate throw. look at this throw. perfect. >> figgins caught and that's a very big out. the play is not only into this inning and this game but will make the angels think right from the get go about running. figgins caught for the 13th time. matt has thrown out 22% of base stealers on the year.
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11-22 against the orioles. 500 batting average on the season. batting in that number two spot. he can handle the bat. he loves to do the hit and run with him. half brother out there playing. one at short and one at second. wearing different uniforms. 3-0 and not a good start for tillman. that's two straight walks in the first inning. >> take a look at the defense. they have really haven't had much of a chance to work today so far. pa jones, markakis, mora, roberts and huff around the infield and we saw matt. the perfect throw to nail figgins after he walked. maybe this is a novel way of controlling their offense. they have been hitting home runs and doing everything else. >> just walk them and let matt throw them out. here is bobby abreyu. tillman hasn't walked more than
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three in a game. he walked three in each of his last two and one in his first. he walked the first two in this game. bobby will take the pitch for a strike. he comes in 8th in rbii's, 6th in walks and he is 5th in stolen bases in the league. the orioles brian roberts in the top ten in disloan bases playing in the game. >> he has one more stolen base than roberts at age 35. >> 0-1 and that's a strike and a change up. he didn't like that call. tillman got it. >> it tells you something about bobby and mike sosa angels offense. their ability to take somebody, bobby hitting most of the year in the number two spot because of injuries to tori hunter they expect him back by sunday. he has moved down in the line up a bit. expivment it's taken down low. this angels team coming into
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the ball game in stolen bases they are second. on top tampa bay the only team that scored more. great offensive numbers, first in average, third in slugging second in on base. it is the opposite of the general way in which the angels have made it to the postseason in past years. team that was built around pitching particularly saw its starting pitching this season is going the route of the bat. just a lot of runs. one ball, two strike outs. breaking ball by tillman misses. and a two ball two strike out. >> tillman really holding the ball just in case may their was going to run but at the end of the day he will rarely swing at balls out of the strike zone.
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that's what he ability about. >> the same number of walks. good off speed pitch for a strike out. >> the ability to get ahead in the count even when it's evened up and will the change up. that's a pitch we had a chance on wired wednesday to talk to him and i said what do you think is working the best for you and he said the fact that i'm adding the change up. everybody talks mike was talking about the 12-6 curve ball in the fast ball, they said maybe straight so he has to spot it but the change up helps. >> you can see all day, guerrero steps up. >> only four hitters into the first. when you are 6'5'' it's hard sometimes to get over that front side so you warm up, it's all nice and relaxed but you have to be able to get over the front side. >> he will take the 1-0 break ball for a strike.
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the dh, for the ball club just had a 13 game streak ended. that was on wednesday. he has had four home runs in nine games since coming off the dl. back to the bag in time. guerrero has missed 56 games this year because of injuries. eight home runs, 25 rbis. one ball, one strike count. gir ro will take this one the right side and foul. month of august, wow. 343, four homers, four rbis, little more offense. >> hit 399 and 400 earlier last week against tampa bay. they swept the ray when's they went out to anaheim. >> 1, 2, count. and guerrero swings and foul
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it's off. >> you can see how good the curve ball is. if you are going to throw it early you better throw it over or you will be behind and then to get ahead and use it. that was just an emergency hack. you have to get ahead. >> there goes the runner. that is blooped in the air to short and will fall in for a base hit. he will stop at third, guerrero around and the ball is thrown away. nobody was covering second base. the error will score and allow guerrero going to go to second. the throwing error will be on felix who threw to nobody. >> watch that swing. that ball bounces. you think you have seen everything. watch this. no cut off man. mora at third and -- we have seen this, he kind of double clutches, doesn't know where to
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throw and then missing brian roberts. guerrero will stop at first. if you threw it one hop to the home plate it would have been a great play. if you are chris tillman, you have no idea where to back up because you don't know where the play is going to be. here we go. here -- like a drop kick but with a bat. >> amazing. >> first time i have seen it in 47 years. hall of fame numbers and that gives you an idea. >> further proof of what everybody says, he can hit anything you throw -- that's close enough to the pitch to get the bat on. >> that's amazing. >> that was a cricket shot. a bad error forcing tillman now to have to work with a runner at second base and two down. would have been first and third, nobody in and two away. here is rivera. he takes it in the dirt for a
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ball. the orioles did not help their starter here in the first inning. it's one of the things they talked to him of not holding the ball when he get itself in the out field. throw it to somebody. >> he tried to but to be honest mora was at third, there wasn't a cut off guy and he just couldn't make a decision. >> that one in the air. going back. rivera got a lot of that one and it's off the top of the wall. rivera going to second base. gets away from jones. he goes for third. here is the throw to third and got him. what a throw by jones from deep center field after the ball got by him. guerrero will score. rivera credited with the double and thrown out 8-5. angels have a 2-0 lead. you've taken steps to try and lower both your numbers. but how close are you to your goals?
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 . a very strange opening inning but it's a couple runs in. take a look at the starting line up for the orioles brought to you by southwest. roberts, jones and markakis, huff, mora, mora against the angels. >> our scouting report, weaver, all kinds of injury expez steps up. last year 11-10. this year 12-3. he is 6'7'', step as cross his body. looks like is he throwing from short stop.
7:20 pm
he has one four of the last seven. should have won them all but they are getting them almost ten runs a game. >> that's to bad. >> roberts. talk about run support. >> and when we talk across the body it doesn't affect you when you are a lefty. it's when you are right handed and you step almost to the right handed batter box. >> roberts he has a base hit down the line. brian will make the turn. he has to chase it down, a stand up double. the game which could be highley offensive is beginning that way. roberts the two bagger. >> take another look at the delivery. far right hand side across his body. this is going to be the 41st double that roberts has hit this year. morales can't get it. he has played pretty well but the ball hit so sharply so the orioles immediately try to get on the board trailing by two.
7:21 pm
>> brian leading the league in two baggers. weaver gives up the double, four game hit streak for roberts and here is jones who made the fine throw to end the last inning. jones, will foul that one away. adam just 1-12 on the current home stand. he will try to get the bat going against this ball club that he has hit well against. 10-24 with a home run and three rbis. >> he is saying and i think he is -- have you to remember he is only a sectional player. he said they are pitching me different. i'm not getting a lot of fast balls. no kidding when you hit 320. he said no fast balls in toronto. he said very to backoff a bit and i think is a young player trying to say i'm in august, i
7:22 pm
have had more at bats probably than any one season. last year broke his foot and he missed a month of last year. >> 1-1 slider will miss outside and despite the struggles he is still hitting 261 in august and he has had a couple home runs and his average 292. he will flirt with that 300 mark for the season. he has made the adjustment along the way and now will do it again. two ball, one strike out. roberts at second base, weaver makes the spin turn. >> then he is -- when he talk about jarrod weaver, as we said 187 against right, lefties have a chance. 272 with 13 of the home runs. >> two balls, one strike count. and jones will take the pitch outside for a ball. 2-1. both pitchers early in the game having trouble spotting the fast ball.
7:23 pm
>> that's normal. if you look at weaver we told you about the run support. he has struck out 11 each in both of his last two starts. he has been on a good role. he won 3-2 and then got a lot of runs. >> 3-1 and outside. getting the walk. orioles have two on. >> the angels defense. they have third in the american league in least errors. rivera, matthews, hunter this sh be back by sunday. figgins, morales, then naopli, the big home run guy behind the plate doing the catching. >> markakis the leading rbi man will stand in. nick will start the series with a six game hit streak. with a six for 12 here in the home stand. he has now raised his average to that 303 mark.
7:24 pm
the orioles, rbi chance trailing 2-20 to get back at weaver. markakis, taking the pitch outside for a ball. nick has gone two for nine with a home run in the times he has faced weaver. >> we talked about the offense. three or less runs in seven of the last eight. 6-49. just change that and the runs start coming in. >> 1-0 on the way. or with a 163 batting average in the last five games with runners in scoring position. that's so unorioles like over the last two years for all the problems that may have existed one of them wasn't the ranine scoring position number. one ball one strike count. that is a strike on the outside corner. weaver getting the ball down and just over the black. >> getting a nice call from the home plate umpire. makes a big difference when you have a few guys on and nobody
7:25 pm
out. >> it's 1-2 on markakis. weaver and that will be popped up. no play. since the all-star break and it was a break that nick needed. morales playing tonight. 27, rbis. then nick with 21. up among the top five in rbis since the all-star break. >> you talked about the adam jones adjustment he got a lot more up right. said it gives me more lever age. another inseason adjustment. hitters have to do that. >> 1-2 count. two on. that will miss inside. weaver thought he had him. >> i tell you. >> umpire take eght and give
7:26 pm
eght away. >> that ball to me was a better pitch than the one he called earlier. mike is going might be one of those nights. fireworks after the game starting early though. >> brought to you by north rip, the power house a look at mr. sosa. >> swung on and missed as nick went after one that looked low and a strike out for weaver. his first, first out. >> go back to and look at tillman. his best pitch in the first was the curve ball for the change this is what this is, a change up. you don't see markakis getting fooled often. great pitch by weaver. >> weaver has not pitched against the orioles this year. he went 0-1 against them last year. two wins and a loss against the orioles with a 171 era in those starts. now one down and that is a shot to the gap in left center field. huff disleaves, roberts will score. jones will score.
7:27 pm
huff has a double and that game is tied at two. >> any time have you been around a game of baseball if one guy doesn't do it and you want to get hot you have to pick up the teammates and that's what huff does. he changed his chance, hit a two run home run, getting more up right. that's the way he led the league in extra base hits last year. here comes roberts, here comes jones all tied up. >> and huff the possible go ahead run on at second base with nobody out. aubrey picking up 71-72 in rbis. that's taken for a strike. one down, huff getting his first hit off weaver. he has been 0-6 against him. here is the 0-1 pitch. he will take that down low. naopli there to block it and a
7:28 pm
one ball one strike count. the orioles know coming in they have to score runs no matter how good the pitching is the angels team will score runs. the orioles will have to answer that and they have done that here at least in the first inning. one and one. taking the pitch inside. get ahead on the count two balls and one strike. for the 4th time is the dh. scott struggling at the plate, dave putting pa in left and then he is the dh to try to get a couple of the bats in there. pitches outside. ball is behind 3-1. >> knowing a bit of a struggle -- the slugging numbers are down. 6-34 in the month. he wii get a great oppouny here. hitters coun look for something you can
7:29 pm
drive. >> pops that one back. naopli --. >> i think it's fair to sa th back in may and early june that ball would have been hit hard somewhere. the one thing in weaver i noticed, his pitching coach said his slider was sharp early in the year. it's not sharp tonight. it's -- he has thrown some hittable sliders and in that keeps up somebody will get into one. >> he has thrown a lot of pitch was all the strike outs jim mentioned 11 each in the last two ball games. 149 innings tched on the on the way. eaver. hewill get a walk. both pitchers walked two in the first inning. orioles with runners on at first d second. now format. >> any time they give you a two run present which is what he received, they get him two quick run this not how you want
7:30 pm
to come out. the orioles are a better hitting team since the all-star beak but its been a struggle and they take advantage. >> he has had his problems on the road as compared to road. he has pitch aid lot of games at home and is 8-1 on the road 4-2. the era goes from 275 to 525. just under a couple runs a ball game different for him on the road. that's a substantial difference. >> almost double the era and e only factors you look into is that the mounds change. the angels are great road team. >> ten games under 500. >> i have it down in my card, 17-5 with a lot of runs scored the last 22 on the road thevment have been red hot.
7:31 pm
>> they have the best road record going in the league. 0-1 count on the way, fouled off the orioles have runners on in first and second base. still only one away. you were talking about jim since june 15 they have gotten better on the road. incredible 3-0 road average. >> the amazing thing is te did a lot of that without guerrero and hunter. >> especially with torii hunter. they have a deep ball club. >> 0-2 count. weaver, matt is gone. that's the second strike out for him and that will bring up mora. melvin wants to see the bat going against this ball club because he has always done well against them. hitting 273 in the month of august. not bad. in the last three seasons against this los angeles team a
7:32 pm
378 average. two on and two down. and mora will take it inside for a ball. that's 24 pitches thrown by weaver in the first inning. >> two strike outs. he is at least on his pace to strike out, he has done it in the last two 11 but you want to throw this much when you have this two run lead. >> 1-0 on the way. mora taking down low. >> i did his first game in the big leagues, only about 77 innings in the minor leagues and then went up to the big leagues and he didn't through this farah cross. he turned it back. >> the pitch in for a strike and it goes to 2-1. >> he has been a great thing
7:33 pm
for this team. >> a lot has to do with the run support. >> here is the 2-1 on the way. mora fouling that one back. tried to tee up on one. 2-2. >> again the third base side. look where he is stepping. he steps at more and this then melvin gets a good pitch and foul it's off. they give him and play him about three for -- into right sten tear. again a huge gap to left center. if he makes a mistake with a breaking ball . 2-2 on a checked swing. weaver wants naopli to ask if it was a strike. he doesn't. >> if that slide certify a little sharper he probably doesn't hold up. it's more of a sweeping slider. take a look -- >> he should have asked.
7:34 pm
i don't -- that was worth asking. naopli didn't ask to ask the first base umpire. >> the runners go and it's a base hit up the middle. mora the single. huff will score. going over to third base. and the orioles have a 3-2 lead. >> melvin get that sweeping, hanging slider. it's not belt high but it ends up in the middle of the plate and he takes it up the middle. they threw one to many. he is a round it and melvin takes advantage. not trying to do much, 3-2 count. trying to cover there. you go. there goes the runner. you can see the great jump with 3-2, he will score easy. >> 31rbis. i would say why didn't we ask for that checked swing call?
7:35 pm
it was close. getting the start in left field. his 27th start in left field for the orioles. he is getting a few more at bats in the month of august. 3-4 -- about half the amount that the regulars have. and he takes that one into the corner. that's a base hit that. will score -- mora going to third. the orioles add another and have a 4-2 lead. error in the first inning, another breaking ball and just not much bite to it. all over it. nice play off the wall. he will score any way. the orioles with a four spot. >> orioles putting up a big
7:36 pm
first inning. responding to the two runs scored by the angels. second and third two down. they have batted around. fouling that one off as he drew the bat back. >> are you one base hit away with his speed from having a six run inning. that would be nice. >> orioles have not had a lot of those and to many against them. he has done such a great job in that number nine spot. down the line, he has a base hit, two runs will score. a two rbi single and it's a six run inning. >> weaver finally getting the fast ball over and -- hale ceaser into left. >> they come up and in and he doesn't even get close to the
7:37 pm
target. naopli about a foot away with the glove and these he just send it's into left. two outs, he will score easily. >> the orioles will go back to the top. six runs on five hits off weaver. brian roberts a double and a single started the inning. weaver's pitch outside for a ball this creates this kind of an inning all kinds of problems for the angels. first inning runs you see 14 allows, 13 earned in 23 start this is year. not been a good inning for him as it's not for many starters. >> nobody up in the bullpen. >> i was going to say the bullpen has really struggled. they don't have a set up man. they have a set up by committee and everybody in the bullpen is rotate around. mike is really struggled trying to get the pen in place and it's not happened yet. step off by weaver. he will go back to the bag.
7:38 pm
>> i guess jason pitching better. a couple of the guys are better now but losing shields, one of the best over the last several years. huge blow. >> one ball, one strike on the way. robert also get a base hit. he will make the tush and go to third. into the cut off man and the orioles just keep it going. roberts has a 2-2 inning. a double and a single. >> they do have a guy palmer who is nine and one this year started earlier in the year. we will see and again not a lot of action. roberts -- maybe -- hit a triple and a home run. he has the cycle in sight. keep the inning going, do it all in one inning. >> we will be here a while. premature fireworks. >> two down, naopli went out
7:39 pm
to talk to weaver. he has won five straight. nine out of ten. coming ufa off win from texas and minnesota. two down, adam jones, drew a walk in the inning. he will foul that one straight back. two rbis for huff with a double. mora, an rbi single and a two rbi single. one on at third and over at first base roberts. and jones with a chance to take this inning deeper. that is a short stop short hop. play made nicely. get inning over but a big one for the orioles.
7:40 pm
the orioles come away with a six runs on six hits. tillman who came off the mound trailing has a four run lead. . each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
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day they score eight in the first inning. this afternoon the cubs beat pittsburgh. the score at end of the second 14-0 in favor of the cubs. itthere was one home run. >> pittsburgh or chicago? >> chicago. >> they won 17-4. >> you don't think you can give up three more. usually a guy out of the bullpen. >> first inning. >> yaivment morales and the pitch down low. i don't recognize -- i'm assuming morton started for pittsburgh. he has been there a while. >> he came over in i think the trade. >> gave up seven runs in an inning. that's not good.
7:43 pm
here is the delivery. morales, just a great season so far. he comes into the game with a six game hit streak. lead obviously giving tillman a little breathing room against the team that you need it against. here is the 1-2, morales up the middle as torres play that way making the play. >> yep. first time ever faced mantle he hit a ball through my legs and there was lowy to louey to catch it and get him out. if you are pitching better hitters and right here you have better defense. great play. keep the lead off man off base. chris retired only 61% of leadoff batters. gave up a walk in the first inning of this game.
7:44 pm
get that in for a strike. >> there is a nice easy 96. you are hoping that jitters, the fact he couldn't command the ball will go away. >> aybar down on the count quickly. leading the angels with a 310 average 9th in the road. he hit 414 in july. he is fast, 0-2 to him. outside one ball two strike count. >> i like the approach right there. 96, 94, he is behind both of them. they try -- they try to see if he could swing through a high fast ball and he misses well out of the zone. >> aybar with a 1-2. that will miss a little low and a two
7:45 pm
ball two strike count. angels have won three in a row. they have a four and a half game lead over texas. two ball tworks strike count. and that pitch will be taken down low and the count goes 3- 2. >> from 0-2 to 3-2. that's being young. hoping to get the hit. it's not ability stuff, it's about command. >> hoping to get a swing on a pitch that's not really a strike. tillman with a 3-2. ayb, ar send it's to right, markakis. retired, two down. >> take a look at how chris tillman pulls the pitches. four seam fast ball, conventional. the spike curve ball, call it about a 12-6. there is the
7:46 pm
change up. the circle change up. no slider yet. >> and steps off so naopli will step out. >> watch how he holds his fast ball. not many split your fingers that far. unless it's a split finger fast ball. >> you usual -- it's so thoord get the split finger so you start that way and then change it. >> easier to go from that, the splitter grip to a fast ball than the other way around without telling the hitters. >> 1-2 naopli. >> the hitters are smart enough you don't want to educate them. look at those numbers. 13 out of the last 27. giving you an idea of why they have the second best offensive team behind the yankees. >> five home runs in his last 16 ball games. taking the off speed pitch for a strike. he has closed his average on this 300 mark at 297. thrown out 22% of base
7:47 pm
stealers. he and matt the two catchers have the same number in that department. 2-1 on the way and that's a strike called. two balls, two strike count. tillman trying to have a 1, 2, 3. >> he has to be carefulf. every time you get behind you throw a change up they will look for it . it's all right but the difference that i saw -- i saw -- the youngest pitcher since pen no, come up and start an orioles game. when pen did that, he wouldn't have good fast ball command. the second time you saw a team they were all over it. second three two count against the chopper. he reached for it there. mora making the play so tillman comes back after giving up two in the first and retires the side in order. orioles lead it 6-2.
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 . six base hits, couple walks, six runs after trailing down by two, everybody seemed to get in the action, two out base hit up the middle. double right here. double down the line. there you go. couple rbis on a soft hit to left. everybody joining the party as the orioles come storming back. at&t the fastest 3g network.
7:50 pm
your world delivered. a 6-2 lead in the bottom of the second. >> it's not a good idea if you are a starting pitcher to face the number three hitter for the second time in the second. >> markakis pops that one up. he struck out the first time. short stop back, if will be played by aybar, one away. on sunday the orioles offing a special promotion. first ten thousand fans at sunday's 1:35 game will get the limited edition orioles bird stuffed toy. no one will be happier than me and the kids. gather up your family, spend the afternoon, go to for some reason that bird stuffed toy wants to come out oil bird stuffed toy. i don't know why. we will ask the speech teacher when we have a chance. here is huff. the 1-0 and a breaking ball.
7:51 pm
>> you better know your starting pitcher. mike knows weaver. not a lot of guys will handle giving up six runs. he never got anybody up. he has been getting over this last seven starts 9-point .35. he isn't hurt. i don't think i would want to leave. >> not with the offense the way they are playing. >> 1-2, another one popped that's in the seats. >> he had a -- tillman had a good second inning but you go back and regroup. talk to the pitching coach. figure -- a lot of time when's you struggle you watch batting practice. not eve ball is a hit. go back and make the pitches. try to do that in the first. the orioles just had great at bats. >> i having an offense that's
7:52 pm
working the way the angels offense is coming in obviously makes it a little easier, lot easier for mike to be able to hang with him early in a ball game and hope the runs come about. didn't go around. weaver certainly piling them up. 45 pitches thrown and he only has one out in the second inning. mike sosa the most -- looking to take team to the past season. there is the third strike out for weaver. >> couple 93's. didn't get anybody out this is 89 right on the corner. at least moving away. i think a lot of it, one thing about weaver normally, if you look at his -- he doesn't walk a lot of people. he is 5-0 against the east. 47 innings, talking about the east. one of the better provisions in
7:53 pm
baseball. walked two in those 47 innings. he can dominate. it's a lot about deception. a big guy. throw across his body. he just could not get the quality pitches in the first inning. it's changed in the second. the orioles are known for scoring early, they need to sustain against the angels their offense. >> the orioles goutwort walks in the first inning. he does have 137 strike outs coming in, 7th most. he now has 140. that one is the gap. he has that one in his sweet zone. all the way to the wall. he will go to second base. he has himself addable double. >> there it is. second double of august. again remember weaver tough against righties. only came in hitting 187. he is all over. i said i don't like to do a lot in the off days, i just like to
7:54 pm
rest and then pounce the other pitcher. >> he won't let that kind of pitch go by ever. matt a strike out victim his first time up. matt hit nght six spot. higher than he has since coming to the orioles. one of the reasons is he has been hitting the ball pretty well. the orioles want to get him up into rbi territory. he is hitting 328 over the last 18. five rbis. foul back. a one ball one strike count. strike out his first time up. he gets confident he will continue to move up the line up as they try to find a spot where he will fit best. >> you can just see the adjustment. picking up his foot. maybe not as high early on.
7:55 pm
crowley the hit coach -- he said the average fast ball is about six to seven miles an hour faster than in the minor leagues and then you get the better breaking ball and guy was better command. have you to go through the line up to get into the late ball games. it's a big difference. >> supposed to be. >> yeah. it is. you need to make the adjustments. the one thing that -- the average has gone up. we saw him make a great throw. learning the league. the guys he has to catch. >> 2-2 on the way and a ground ball toward second. up with this one. makes the throw, getting the out. one left on base. the orioles have the lead. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
7:56 pm
boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear.
7:57 pm
vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.  . we saw matt make a grea throw to second base to throw out figgins and that's what shaun warner wanted to see. they have been working defense all season long and today they held one of their sessions. the focus of the session was footwork. he wants matt to step in the right direction with the first step toward second. he said when he does it right we saw what happened in the first inning. he throws the ball to the second baseman's side of the ball, when he does it wrong it goes to the short stop side of
7:58 pm
the bag. don also pointed out how strong an arm matt has. he throws to second base in about 1.8 seconds and that's good compared to other catchers. when matt has strength and accuray wrrks he will throw a lot of runners out. >> and he had the impact in getting figgins on this caught stealing not just because you get figgins off bah leave it in their mind that wait a minute, maybe is he better at throwing than we thought. >> more accurate. >> the release time has never been a problem, its been the accur acy. if you step across your body the ball will cut. more direct line and that's what they work on. that is such an important part of throwing guys out. >> here is matthews jr.. he has been in for hunter who may be back tomorrow. may be back on sunday. he didn't come with a ball
7:59 pm
club. he is getting a little work in a couple minor league games. he has missed 31 ball games. matthews had the opportunities to play and he is take advantage of it. >> tillman back on in a counsel. >> matthews jr. with a three run shot. ran into a curve ball from grant in anaheim. game winner. 3-2 and he fouled it back. matthews has hit 327 over the last 16 and has started 30 of the last 31 in center field. this is where the depth of the bench. >> they gave him $50 million and two years ago he had a goodyear and then he didn't play a lot. >> is he gone. tillman getting his second strike out. one wa


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